Prilosec OTC the #1 doctor recommended medicine for frequent heartburn

About 20 percent of Americans experience frequent heartburn. When the burning strikes, many will reach for over-the counter medicines for their relatively low cost, ease of use, and fast results. But with all the different types of over-the-counter heartburn medicines available today, how do you know which product is right for you?

PPIs provide the longest lasting relief from heartburn with 1 pill a day

The majority of heartburn medications are antacids, acid controllers, and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).

Antacids: Antacids simply neutralize stomach acid. They are fast-acting but only provide 1-3 hours of relief.

Acid controllers: Acid controllers, or H2 blockers, block Histamine 2. Because Histamine 2 stimulates the production of stomach acid, blocking Histamine 2 partially reduces stomach acid. H2 blockers work in as little as 30 minutes and can provide 8-12 hours of relief from heartburn.

Proton Pump Inhibitors: Like H2 blockers, proton pump inhibitors block acid production at the source. They generally take 1-4 days to fully kick in but relief lasts 24 hours. PPIs are recommended most often by doctors to treat frequent heartburn.

Proven & Trusted

Doctors have recommended Prilosec OTC for more than 15 years to help millions of people suffering from frequent heartburn. It has been tried by more than 30 million Americans ± and is one of the most effective heartburn brands.

Prilosec OTC is effective and trusted by doctors. If you suffer from frequent heartburn, talk to your doctor about trying Prilosec OTC.

*It’s possible while taking Prilosec OTC®. Use as directed for 14 days to treat frequent heartburn. Do not take for more than 14 days or more often than once every four months unless directed by a doctor. May take 1-4 days for full effect.
±P&G Calculation based in part on Buying Households reported by the Nielsen Company through its Homescan Panel service in the US for Prilosec OTC for the period of 8/31/03 through 6/25/16


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